BE Metal: Supporting the Belgian Metal Scene

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  • Music business: Support & services for bands/promoters/fans/venues/…


Belgian Metal Bands and other players in our Belgian scene don’t get the same amount of support we see in other metalminded countries. We want you to feel at home in our scene, and get great opportunities as well. We strive to get the “industry/business” part back; the way our amazing scene is supposed to be. Fair, more green and easier for everyone involved, without slamming the money out of your pockets. We care to upgrade and support the Belgian Metal Scene in every way possible.

To make this happen we will interact with this scene and its fans, our community, to help, inform, educate and grow; through services, advice, workshops for and by Metalheads & Metal Music Professionals. We care for you, our awesome community, to be connected and involved, so please shower us with your ideas, things you would like some help with or see improved.

Support your Belgian scene!In the near future we will be launching some of our ideas and projects, so stay tuned.Who are we?